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Fields Racing & TeamSLR partnered up this past weekend to race a brand new TA2 Camaro utilizing the M-1 Fastrack chassis. The new M-1 chassis/car incorporates an underslung rear clip, additional safety features including a safer seat rail mounting system, full head support, an improved driver side door safety plate, improved foot box protection, knee protector and second fire bottle for additional driver safety.

“We are working hard at M-1 to build in as much safety as we can without driving the cost up or slowing the car down. Howe Racing has been the leader in this area and we are incorporating many of those concepts as well. This was the first race for the new car and it was all positive as Scotty drove a great race and had just a bit of imbalance that we expected with a new build. We expect to learn more and improve every time we race and we look forward to Homestead where Scotty is really fast.” said Fields Racing Team Manager Lee Quinlan.

Friday during the first practice session, Scotty and the team were encouraged as the car responded well to changes and was able to post a lap time inside the Top-10. The team made a few adjustments to improve the cars handling for qualifying but Scotty wasn’t able to get a clean lap in traffic and posted the 9th fastest time in the M-1 Fastrack Camaro.

Racing with a focus toward the big picture of developing the handling on the new car and keeping an eye on points. Scotty was patient and moved up steadily throughout the race to an impressive 4th place finish.

“Great job by all involved in this effort. The guys at M-1 did a terrific job getting us a chassis in short time and everyone in the shop put in a heroic effort to make it to Road Atlanta with a car that virtually had no problems and was ready to race after just a few adjustments. A special Thank you to Chris, Lee, Jack and everyone that worked so hard preparing this car for the weekend. Also, thank you to Jack Wilson Chevrolet for their help and support. The Trans Am Series is a great Series and I am learning a lot about road racing here. We will get ready for Round 3 at Homestead as we continue to work our way to the front,” said Scott Lagasse Jr.