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Fields Racing is currently running a Chevrolet Camaro set up to compete in the TA2 category of the SCCA Pro Racing Trans-Am Series.  After a productive rookie season in 2012, culminating with a visit to the podium and a top-ten finish in the overall points championship, the team has expanded on that success.

About Trans-Am Racing:

Born during one of the greatest moments in American automotive history, Trans-Am was a natural extension of the adrenaline-pumping battles being waged on the street in the midst of the muscle car era. During this time, U.S. car manufacturers were pumping out the high horsepower V8 machines that captivated car enthusiasts worldwide. In 1966 the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) created Trans-Am, which would include marks from Europe but would become most famous for the competition among American V8 “ponycars.” The roar of American muscle making its way around challenging road courses proved to be a successful formula for years to come. Learn more at www.gotransam.com.